Our Services

Internal Audit

Compliance to All the laws, rules and regulations govern the organization

We assist our clients to establish procedures to comply with the following:
1) Service Tax Regulations.
2) KVAT , CST and Works Contract
Tax provisions.
3) Income Tax related provisions.
4) TDS provisions.
5) Companies Act

Analyzing the effectiveness of existing systems of internal control

We assist our clients to establish procedures to assure following:
1. All transactions are completely and accurately processed.
2. Adequate documentation supporting transactions are created and retained.
3. The companys assets and liabilities are correctly stated.
4. The risk of fraud and misappropriation of assets has been minimized.

Development of Internal Control system

Small to medium enterprises require an internal control mechanism in order to monitor their modus operandi and to analyze whether they are achieving their goals.

A tool for the decision support process has been developed by us based on a case-based reasoning system that automates the internal control process.

Stock Audit

Are your inventory records well-kept? Differences in the actual stock and inventory records normally points to some negligence or fraudulent activities.
Does your business have unrealistic quantities of outdated or unsalable items? Inventory audit may not provide a solution, but it will at least expose the ineptness on part of your inventory or sales management systems.
We assist you in anomalous overstocking (stock in excess) or shortages in your inventory levels, which is again an indication of ineffective inventory management, or shortcomings in making new purchase orders.

We cover the following area under stock audit
1) Physical verification of stocks.
2) Valuation of stocks.
3) Valuation of obsolete/Non moving stock.
4) Age wise categorization of stocks.
5) Review of the stock valuation system.
6) Determination of the drawing power.

Financial Reporting

Accurate financial reporting helps small business owners to have a control mechanism by which any irregularities (expense abuses, pricing issues, etc) in the financial performance of the com-pany can be identified and rectified at the same instant.

Financial reporting give answers to many questions like the following
1. Can this company take on additional debt or is it already overleveraged?
2. Can it meet its current obligations with cash and other current assets that can be converted into cash?
3. Has this company maintained or improved its sales and profit margins compared to prior years? If not, what has caused them to decline?
4. Is cash flow after core operations sufficient to meet all debt obligations and still leave excess cash to reinvest in capital assets like vehicles, machinery & equipment?

Without accurate financial reporting, manage-ment would have no idea of how profitable, how lev-eraged, how liquid, nor how efficient their business is. We cover the following area under financial reporting
1) Profitability analysis- monthly/quarterly/yearly.
2)Bank reconciliation statement.
3) Sales analysis product wise/ branch wise.
4) Preparation of cash flow statement.
5) Receivable/ payable analysis.
6) Contribution margin analysis.
7) Comparison of profitability- budget vs Actual with variance analysis.
8) Ratio analysis.

Budgeting & Forecasting

In todays dynamic business environment where profit margins are squeezed and businesses are forced to operate with lower costs, budgeting and forecasting are the most important financial disciplines to be taken care. Business budgeting is one of the most powerful financial tools available to any small-business owner. A good short-term and long-term financial plan enables you to have a great control over your cash flow.

We cover the following area under Budgeting & Forecasting 1. Capital Budgeting: Capital budgets are directed towards proposed expenditures for new projects and often require special financing.
2. Operating Budget: The operating budgets are directed towards achieving short-term operational goals of the organization like a) Sales budget. b) Production budget. c) Administrative expense budget 3) Financial Budget.
4) Cash budget.
5) Budgeted profit & loss A/c

Our expert recommendations based on the report will also help you enhance the productivity and profitability of your business.

TDS Return Filing Services:

Our expertise, knowledge and error free methods help you get the following done with ease:
1. Preparation and filing of quarterly e- TDS return
2. Issuance of periodical TDS certificate.
3. Tax planning related to salary- monthly deduction and payment of tax etc.
4. Preparing and filing correction statements.

Service Tax Registration & periodical return filing

Our dedicated professionals serve you by getting the Service Tax Registration done, and also carry out the day to day compliance requirements related to service tax like deposition of service tax and preparing / filing of service tax returns, maintenance of related records, etc.

Company/LLP Annual Filing

It is mandatory for Companies and LLP to e file their annual returns with MCA. We prepare and file your annual return with MCA

KVAT/CST Registration/ periodical return filing

We offer our expertise through our consulting services in the following areas:
1. KVAT, WCT and CST Registration
2. Consultancy service relating to KVAT, WCT & CST
3. Monthly/Quarterly/half yearly & Yearly return preparation & filing

Book- Keeping & Accounting

Now save your time, effort and manpower, we are here to take care of all your book keeping and accounting needs, including the preparation of your annual accounts in compliance with statutory requirements. Our services include:
1. Setting up Accounting System
2. Accounting of Firm, Company etc in Tally software
3. Stock/Inventory Accounting
4. Finalization of accounts up to Balance Sheet
5. Preparing and verifying various MIS reports
6. Preparing cash flow and profit projections

Loan Financing/Project report

We offer our customers a wide range of Project Financing & Loan Arrangement services like
1. Preparation of project report
2. Making loan arrangement including cash credit limit, term loan and project loan for business
3. Home Loan
4. Personal Loan
5. Loan against property

Our Services

New TAN/ TAN Correction

Getting a new TAN number or rectifying Your Current TAN / Make TDS Compliances is now hassle free and easy.

New PAN/ PAN Correction

Now getting a new PAN Card/ Number Or get any errors rectified in the PAN Card now made easy through our services.

ISO Certifications

We offer management system certification against a wide range of ISO standards for small, medium and large enterprises across most industries.

Certification is beneficial for all sectors of business - manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, chemical and printing, as well as all kinds of services such as financial, healthcare and tourism.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
ISO 14001 - Environment Management System
ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System
ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System
OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System
AS 9100 - Quality Management System For Aerospace Sector
ISO 13485 - Quality Management System for Medical Devices Manufacturer,Socially Responsible Management-SRM
ISO/TS 16949 - Quality Management System for Automotive Suppliers
ISO 20000 - ISO Information Technology
ISO22301 -Business Continuity Management System
ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

Import/ Export Code

EC Code is unique 10 digit code issued by Director General of Foreign Trade. To import or export in India, IEC Code is mandatory.We assist in getting IE Code to the customers engaged in Import Export activities.

Digital Signature

It is mandatory for companies to file their returns electronically with digital signatures, and also mandatory for anybody to file their respective sales tax returns with digital signature only. We offer Digital signature which can be used for filing return relating to Income tax, Sales Tax & Company returns .